Dan Gains Waterford Ownership Share

On January 1st, 2021, Dan Byles-Smith became an owner of Waterford Advisors, LLC and will now hold the title of ‘Principal’ within the firm. Dan has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the advancement of the firm and to continually enhancing client services. Please join us in congratulating him!

Mobile Check Deposit

To our Charles Schwab clients: Looking for a secure, fast and convenient way to deposit funds into your account? Check out the Schwab Mobile Deposit feature within the Schwab Mobile App: www.schwab.com/schwab-mobile-deposit. Note that some restrictions may apply based on account type and deposit amount. The daily deposit limit will be shown on the deposit… Read more »

Rebalancing: Why We Do It

Periodically rebalancing portfolios is often thought of as a practice of risk control, but it can also provide value to the long-term returns of your asset mix. Investment returns of various asset classes tend to be highly cyclical and the process of rebalancing will naturally reduce the exposure to those that have recently outperformed and… Read more »

eDocuments & eSignatures

We asked and you answered. We surveyed a portion of our Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade clients during the fall regarding their willingness to use eDocuments and eSignatures and the responses were clear: YES! We have been working diligently over the past few months to fully understand both Schwab’s and TD’s eDocument and eSignature tools… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary January 6, 2021

The Markets Last week was the cherry on top of a turbulent year for investors. After the $900 billion fiscal stimulus bill was signed on Sunday, major U.S. stock indices moved higher. The Washington Post reported, “The S&P 500-stock index, the most widely watched gauge, is finishing the year up more than 16 percent. The… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary December 30, 2020

The Markets U.S. stock markets remained calm as a fresh chapter opened in the coronavirus stimulus saga last week. Congress managed to cobble together a new stimulus package that was acceptable to both sides and pass it. The proposed package included money to help states distribute vaccines, an unemployment benefits extension, $600 checks for eligible… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary December 23, 2020

The Markets Congress is at $900 billion, will they hear $1.4 trillion, $1.4 trillion, governments at $900 billion, who’ll go $1.4 trillion, $1.4 trillion… The stimulus auction continued last week. Early on Sunday, The New York Times reported, “Lawmakers are on the brink of agreement on a $900 billion compromise relief bill after breaking through… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary December 16, 2020

The Markets When it comes to beverages, frothy can be delicious. In what may be the least inspiring description of fizzy drinks ever written, a group of food engineers explained, “Aeration in beverages, which is manifested as foam or bubbles, increases the sensory preference among consumers.” Stock markets can fizz up, too. Share prices bubble,… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary December 9, 2020

The Markets When is bad news good news? Take a look at last week. Major stock indices in the United States hit all-time highs on Friday, despite a lackluster employment report and a surge in COVID-19 cases, reported Lewis Krauskopf of Reuters. During the week, we saw: • The slowest jobs growth since the economic… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary December 2, 2020

The Markets Last week, vaccine optimism immunized investors against signs of economic weakness. In previous commentaries we’ve written about narrative economics, which holds that popular stories may affect individual and collective economic behavior. Last week, diverse narratives had the potential to influence consumer and investor behavior, but not all did. You may have read that:… Read more »