Meet the Staff Monday!

It’s Meet the Staff Monday! We asked all our team members “Do you have any pets?” and they answered. Greg – husky/german shepherd mix (Rory) Mike – great dane (Phoebe), black lab (Zeus) & orange tabby cat (Miles) Dan – two maltipoos (Samson & Scooner) Christina – two huskies (Koda & Kira) & two cats… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary September 7, 2021

The Markets Stagflation isn’t trending, but it was mentioned in quite a few headlines last week. Stagflation is a portmanteau of ‘stagnation’ and ‘inflation.’ It occurs when a country experiences slow economic growth along with high inflation and high unemployment. In the United States: Economic growth was strong during the second quarter; 6.5 percent year-over-year,… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary August 31, 2021

The Markets “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder,” advised the Persian poet Rumi. Last week, Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell’s words helped grow the week’s equity market returns. In his speech at the Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Powell confirmed that the United States… Read more »

Meet the Staff Monday!

It’s Meet the Staff Monday! We asked all our team members “Where was your last trip?” and they answered. Greg – Anna Maria Island, Florida Mike – Ozarks Region, Missouri Dan – Hershey, Pennsylvania Christina – Allegany State Park, New York Marybeth – North Frontenac, Ontario on Kashwakamak Lake Ryan – Adirondack Mountains, New York… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary August 11, 2021

The Markets Are we there yet? For months, investors have wondered when the Federal Reserve (Fed) might begin to “normalize” its policies, a process that will eventually lead to higher interest rates. Last week, a better-than-expected unemployment report – showing a gain of almost a million jobs – sparked speculation about whether we’ve arrived at… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary July 28, 2021

The Markets Shortest ever. Last week, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) finally announced the official dates for the recession that occurred in 2020. Economic activity peaked in February 2020 and bottomed in April 2020. That makes the pandemic recession the shortest in American history. According to the NBER, “The recent downturn had different… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary July 21, 2021

The Markets The term “peak growth” has become almost as popular as the comedy show Ted Lasso. Peak growth is a catchphrase with the potential to mislead. When the term is applied to the U.S. economy, it does not mean the United States economy has reached the pinnacle of growth and it’s all downhill from… Read more »

Quarterly Investment C O M M E N T A R Y

Our midyear Investment Commentary is divided into two parts. First is a brief recap of our shared investment philosophy; second is our perspective on the current situation. As always, we welcome your questions/comments. GENERAL PRINCIPLES You and our team are long-term, goal-focused, planning-driven equity investors. We’ve found that the best course for us is to… Read more »