Celebrating a New Waterford Generation

Please enjoy an update on some of our newest additions to the “Waterford family.”

Thomas W. Byles-Smith; on left (Born 4/21/2016 to parents Dan and Jill Byles-Smith)
Jonathan M. Byles-Smith; on right (Born 10/17/2018 to parents Dan and Jill Byles-Smith)

Maeve Rae Harmer (Born 10/19/2020 to parents Mike and Marissa Harmer)

Joseph David “Joey” Michalczak (Born 1/30/2019 to parents Christina and Dave Michalczak)

Isabel C. “Izzy” Polkovitz (Born 11/03/2020 to parents Abigail Shaw and Mark Polkovitz)

Elise Marigold Brennan (Born 2/26/2018 to parents Ellen Bosco-Brennan and Mike Brennan)

Alexandra Rachel “Allie” Kozerski (Born 4/26/2018 to parents Greg and Erin Kozerski)