Quarterly Investment C O M M E N T A R Y

Our midyear Investment Commentary is divided into two parts. First is a brief recap of our shared investment philosophy; second is our perspective on the current situation. As always, we welcome your questions/comments. GENERAL PRINCIPLES You and our team are long-term, goal-focused, planning-driven equity investors. We’ve found that the best course for us is to… Read more »

Using Annuities to Increase Predictable Income in Retirement

The management of a distribution portfolio is unique and should be designed differently from the management of an accumulation portfolio. However, complex distribution planning is still a developing area within the arena of Financial Planning. After focusing much of your investment lifetime on maximizing wealth accumulation through contributions and rates of return, your attention must… Read more »

Working While Collecting Social Security Benefits

Yes, you can collect Social Security benefits while working. However, depending on your age, there are some important caveats to keep in mind. Your earned income could reduce the amount of your Social Security benefits if you are younger than your full retirement age (FRA); the age at which you qualify to collect 100% of… Read more »