What is a Target Date Fund Glide Path?

A Target Date Fund (TDF) is the “set it and forget it” fund option for many 401(k) plan participants and retirement investors. This type of fund automatically rebalances the overall asset allocation for a targeted mix of equity and fixed income investments based on the investor’s age and an assumed retirement date. Often TDFs are… Read more »

Tax Corner

The past year has been unique and challenging in many ways. It has also provided us the opportunity to reflect on values and things we hold dear. In many cases, this includes a greater appreciation for the community around us which allows us to thrive. This quarter, we have decided to replace our typical Tax… Read more »

Market R E C A P

Global stocks continued to power upward this quarter from their pandemic bear market low on March 23, 2020. U.S. stocks, developed international stocks, and emerging-market stocks are now up an astonishing 80.6%, 74.8%, and 74.6%, respectively, since then. Clearly, it paid not to panic and get out of the markets last spring. Due to expectations… Read more »

Celebrating a New Waterford Generation

Please enjoy an update on some of our newest additions to the “Waterford family.” Thomas W. Byles-Smith; on left (Born 4/21/2016 to parents Dan and Jill Byles-Smith) Jonathan M. Byles-Smith; on right (Born 10/17/2018 to parents Dan and Jill Byles-Smith) Maeve Rae Harmer (Born 10/19/2020 to parents Mike and Marissa Harmer) Joseph David “Joey” Michalczak… Read more »

2020 Q4 Tax Corner: Important Information for the 2021 Tax Year

We believe that tax management is an integral part of financial planning and portfolio management, and that it is not possible to successfully execute an investment strategy without taking tax planning into consideration. All of Waterford’s planners are Certified Financial Planners and are also either Certified Public Accountants or Enrolled Agents. We employ tax management… Read more »

Charles Schwab Acquires TD Ameritrade

The Charles Schwab Corporation (“Schwab”) completed its acquisition of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (“TD Ameritrade”) on October 6th in an all-stock deal valued at $22 billion uniting two of the four largest players in the RIA custody market into one company housing roughly $6 trillion in combined assets and 28 million brokerage accounts. The combination… Read more »

Welcome Baby Maeve!

We would like to wish a very special “Congratulations” to Mike and Marissa Harmer on the safe arrival of their beautiful baby girl this October! Maeve Rae Harmer was born October 19th, 2021 weighing 6 lbs. 6 oz. Both Marissa and baby Maeve are doing very well.

Ellen Ties The Knot!

Please join us is congratulating Michael Brennan and Ellen Bosco-Brennan on their wedding! Ellen and Mike were married on October 18th in a private ceremony at home with family. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy, happiness, and love. Ellen and Mike are happy to share in the excitement with their 2-year-old daughter,… Read more »

Dan Gains Waterford Ownership Share

On January 1st, 2021, Dan Byles-Smith became an owner of Waterford Advisors, LLC and will now hold the title of ‘Principal’ within the firm. Dan has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the advancement of the firm and to continually enhancing client services. Please join us in congratulating him!

Mobile Check Deposit

To our Charles Schwab clients: Looking for a secure, fast and convenient way to deposit funds into your account? Check out the Schwab Mobile Deposit feature within the Schwab Mobile App: www.schwab.com/schwab-mobile-deposit. Note that some restrictions may apply based on account type and deposit amount. The daily deposit limit will be shown on the deposit… Read more »